Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1 2011 Happy New Year Eastsiders

Hey thank you to all who are now following the Eastside St Paul Memories n More blog. 

Hi I am Lisa and here is some of my back ground. 
I lived on Winthrop St., born in the early 60's.  I have two brothers i am the youngest. My mom was a stay home mom and my dad a plumber. I went to Eastern heights Elementary school K-6 (if you went there let me know who your favorite teacher was) my two favorite teacher 's were Mr. Sky and Miss Woods. 
Battle Creek Jr. high 7-9 is where i spent the middle years ( Hi to Roger, Randy, and Bob). 
Off to Harding high school for the rest 10-12. ( Go Harding Knights) 
Cool places in my neighborhood, Mini was our candy supplier. Penny candy, winner suckers, now or laters, and bubsdaddy bubblegum green apple! It was a blast! SunRay shopping center just a bike ride away. You cant' forget the famous  Minnehaha drive-ins  (now i know we can get some juicy stories here from you) who remembers going to church at the drive-in on Sunday mornings through out the summer? More about this later. 
I found a site that needs our help there is no information or pictures, nothing on our drive-in.

Lets do what we can to fix this and get our information on our Drive-in up and online. 
Have a great day Lisa

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Eastside and the rest of Mn!

Hi this is Lisa & Tracy,
After google (ing) the Eastside and coming up with nothing of interest we have decided to start this blog.   We love the Eastside of St. Paul and know that there are many others out there that feel the same way. 
We are starting this blog to share with everyone and anyone who would like to take a walk with us to the past and share moments, memories, recipes ,stories and pictures of the years gone past up to the present day today. 
If you have a story of your own like how your parents “walked up hill both ways to school- with no shoes- in the snow” and of course they didn’t complain... please share with us and the world. 
Maybe you are just someone that wants to look in on what is going on in the Eastside- East Saint Paul- East St Paul- St Paul East or how ever you wrote it , spell it, or called it growing up-  Its all the East Side of St Paul Mn and we would love to hear from you.